Bullfight (Jallikattu)



A traditional sport of the Tamil people(400-100 BC),practiced especially at the time of Pongal celebrations also known as (Eru Thazhuvuthal) in Tamil.

A bull is released into an open ground and the participants try to jump and cling on to the hump of the bull in order to bring the bull to an halt.Eventually the man holding on the hump of the bull for some time Β ends up as the winner because he can reach for the money bag which is tied on the bull’s horn.

The Normal Eye’s Perception:

  • Animal Torture and Cruelty.
  • Dangerous to Humans.
  • Entertainment

The Science Miner Perception:

“Cattle Breeding “

The bull which could be tamed during Jallikattu goes for Agricultural work and the bull which could not be tamed goes for breeding as their off springs are strong and have a good value in the market.

Moving the science away ,Jallikattu is the pride,identity and tradition Β of the Tamilians and will always be.





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