Anti Sterlite Protests.


The land of Pearls is supposedly taken a transformation to a Land of chaos and turmoil.





A  copper unit in Tuticorin that has the capacity to produce 400000 tons of copper cathode a year.

With hundreds of residents and social activists raising their voice against this copper unit, the situation is very critical which resulted in heavy police deployment.

Residents have been protesting against the operation of the company since February this year due to the pollution generated by the unit which resulted in contaminating the water bodies as well as causing severe health problems.

VEDANTA responded by claiming that the plant had the necessary permission and has not violated any norms.

It has been hundred days since the start of the protest.

The situation worsened when VEDANTA decided to ramp up its production up to  800000 tons of copper cathode per year after they shut down the plant for 15 days in the name of maintenance work on March 29 this year.

when the things got out of control it gradually escalated to violence between civilians and government officials resulting in the murder of innocent civilians.

“This is a brutal example of state sponsored terrorism” – RAHUL GANDHI

Many social activists and political leaders have voiced out their opinion in shutting down the unit.

Ruling party ADMK chief minister Mr. EDAPPADI PALANISWAMY has ordered for a judicial inquiry also announcing compensation for the civilians who were killed and injured during the protest.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim, silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented” – ELIE WIESEL

Your side?..




My opinion on Demonetization policy

My opinion on Demonetization policy.

Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. It occurs whenever there is a change of national currency.
Recently, On November 8, 2016 Government of India announced the demonetization of all 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

My opinion on this act is completely against the government because of the negative effects it created in the society and I list them point by point.

1. Cash shortage:
As this was announced suddenly by the government people had no clue that they should already have hard cash with them and when they were in their senses they could not because of India’s huge population.

2. Stock Markets:
Due to the sudden announcement the stock markets faced a lot of loss in points.

3. Agriculture and Transportation:
Farmers could not meet their needs because old notes were not accepted and in highways truck drivers faced a lot of issues in toll booths because old notes were not accepted.

4. Drop in Industrial output and economy rate.

5. Small scale industries faced a lot of losses.
Ex: All the cigarette companies faced around 30% to 40% losses

6. This act led to the circulation of fake 2000 rupee notes which was a big blow to the government.

7. Introduction of Card payments in all sectors including Railways would mean very difficult for the people who are illiterate.

8. Finally Deaths, as people waited for a very long time in front of banks to exchange their old notes.

So, Even though Demonetization has some positive effects like the reduction of human trafficking and increase in the revenue of the government the negative effects of it dominate and prevail.

Within one day of the announcement fake notes were printed and circulated.
It would have been a lot better if the act was carried out with prior information so that the people of India would have been prepared and the huge tension and urge would have reduced.

Apart all this, It was introduced for a better India and so I wish India will be and become a better nation to live in.
Jai Hind!!


Bullfight (Jallikattu)



A traditional sport of the Tamil people(400-100 BC),practiced especially at the time of Pongal celebrations also known as (Eru Thazhuvuthal) in Tamil.

A bull is released into an open ground and the participants try to jump and cling on to the hump of the bull in order to bring the bull to an halt.Eventually the man holding on the hump of the bull for some time  ends up as the winner because he can reach for the money bag which is tied on the bull’s horn.

The Normal Eye’s Perception:

  • Animal Torture and Cruelty.
  • Dangerous to Humans.
  • Entertainment

The Science Miner Perception:

“Cattle Breeding “

The bull which could be tamed during Jallikattu goes for Agricultural work and the bull which could not be tamed goes for breeding as their off springs are strong and have a good value in the market.

Moving the science away ,Jallikattu is the pride,identity and tradition  of the Tamilians and will always be.